Our Mission,Vision And Quality Political  Policy

SALİHOĞULLARI MAKİNA - founded  in karaman in 2000 in karaman industry site – is still one of the pioneer firms  in machine and otomation sectory.our firm is founded for the purpose of producing machines to food sectory.there are biscuits sector,chocolate and wafers sectors among our productions.


Up to now our firm has served to lots of customers and the satisfaction of customers has  always standed on the forefront.our firm with its specialist staff is supplying the need of our customers those have been appeared later  with  replacement part and service care

Our firm salihoğullari makine ,which has been the pioneer of the automation sector,from the date of that has been founded in all areas that became connoisseur,not only the best one in our country but also always become on the top with its service quality and scientifical,beside being leader our firm succeed at staying at leader and foundation of production and automation.it has made up the principle of giving you  the best service foreever by following the development of technology steadily.it is always the copartner of its customers with the solutions it has produced and self-denial it has showed. 

Our Vision

Our firm which has assumed as the helper of renewing the technology in which the place automation and information load is changing day by day and in which the security is very significant,it has a very important place in this sector.our firm has started the works on the way of globalization with its personel who believed holding this mission in the age of that the technological development and capital movement among the countries have been increasing fast and is becoming free..


Giving non-interrupted services before and after the sale,suggesting the reasonable products to the customers by the customer service,helping with regard to being sold,being side with its customers on the service and installation with its technical service,developing new service regards have been made by our firm steadily as part of iso 9001-2000,ce and tse ( turkish satndard institution ) .the quality of our products  those have been produced on the standard of the world is being protected and developed with the works of our  r&d ( research and development )  team of workmen.it is also  gaining advantages to their customers with its charming and appropriate prices.


Our Mission

To give breaf,fair,trustworthy service and counselling service not making a concession from scientific principles.to be pioneer in scientific researches and in new automation application ,to be the center of reference internationally.to give the example of operating system and  managerial system which supply the renew and develop steadily by using the methods of education,quantification and redevelopment.our quality political policy,our quality management system has been made resting the standards of  iso in international platform.it is very significant for us to have the understanding of service  focused on  ‘’the satisfaction of our customer and workers ‘’,to found an example operating and management system by using the mechanics of redevelopment and ongoing measurement,to be an academical foundation which is  the pioneer in new application  and scientifical researches,to serve the automation and  technological services with appropriate prices not making a concession of quality and to educate and develop ourselves forever.

Established in 2000 in Karaman new industrial site, SALİHOĞULLARI MACHINE is currently one of the leading companies in machinery and automation industry. Our company was established to produce machines for the food industry. As well as our Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines and Package Wrapping Machines, our other productions are biscuits, chocolate and wafer facilities