Semi Automatic Pallet Stretching Wrapping Machine
 Code: SM 50
 Technical Specifications
 Tray Diameter  : 1500 mm
 Tower Height  : 2500  mm
 Tray Engine
 : 0.75 Kw 40 D/dk
 Lift Engine
 : 0.55 Kw 18 D/dk
 Electric Consumption
 : 220 Wolt
 Strech Stretching  : Mechanic Break System
 Pallet Height  : Sensor Fitted
 Manuel Control
 Corrosion and Wear Against Static Bakin Paint

Pallet Stretching Wrapping Mechanic Break System

Established in 2000 in Karaman new industrial site, SALİHOĞULLARI MACHINE is currently one of the leading companies in machinery and automation industry. Our company was established to produce machines for the food industry. As well as our Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines and Package Wrapping Machines, our other productions are biscuits, chocolate and wafer facilities